My good friend, Chris, made one of these for her husband for Christmas. I TOTALLY CASED hers (except I had a little bit different stickers than her.) I am going to give this to to my husband next week for our anniversary. I think he will enjoy having a clock out in the garage by all his TOOLS! 🙂 Hope he likes it! Here is how I made it (with the help of Chris right by my side! THANKS CHRIS!)

Recipe: 12×12 piece of plywood from Home Depot for the base
Paper: Wood grain looking paper from Joann’s
Stickers: Jolees and some other stickers from Joann’s
Clock mechanism: Chris gave this to me, but she said you can buy them at Joann’s or Michaels

First I painted the plywood with black paint on the back and sides. After it dried, I modge-podged the paper to the front of the plywood. I put another coat of modge podge ontop of the paper and let it dry.

Next I found the center of the front and drilled a hole. I’m not sure what size the hole was, but just big enough to fit the clock mechanism. It will be obvious when you get the clock out of the package. Insert the clock into the hole in the wood and assemble the clock according to the directions on the package. (It is SUPER EASY). I also painted the clock hands black. I thought you could see the hands better, plus it seemed to match the rest of the clock better than gold.

Next, just arrange stickers on the front, making them line up where the numbers would be.

To spell TOOL TIME, my friend had a Sizzix die cut of a hammer and nails. Just arrange them as shown. I modge podged them to the paper, then modge podged again ontop of just the letters when it was finished.

Can you imagine the possibilities with the Jolees stickers and making ANY CLOCK FOR ANY ROOM? I was going to offer this TOOL TIME class around Father’s Day, but it kind of takes awhile because you have to let things dry. I think I will pass on the class for this, but still wanted to share on my blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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