This is the make and take project we did at our weSTAMP meeting. I found the birdhouse pattern on Nicole Heady’s blog, which can be found HERE. I have searched and searched on her blog for the picture, but for the life of me I can’t find it on her blog!!! I know it is there somewhere because that is where I found the pattern for this. You can dowload the pattern HERE.

Here are the rest of the swaps this week from our May weSTAMP meeting. The theme for the swap was a “gatefold” card. GOOD JOB GIRLS!!

Pam’s swap:

Linda B.’s swap:

Patti’s swap:
Ginny’s swap:
Inside of Ginny’s swap:

Linda R.’s swap:

Barbara’s swap:

My swap can be found in the previous post found HERE.
I was the LUCKY winner of this awesome door prize!!!! WOOOHOOO I finally won! LOL (I have been WAITING to win because I already made a doorprize!!) Rachele made this. Isn’t it beautiful? LOVE it! The pen is called a Pix-Pen. She got it at Ritz Camera, which is now going out of business. You can put whatever paper, picture, etc. you would like inside the barrell of the pen. THANKS RACHELE!

We ended on kind of an EXCITING note. Look what came to visit us! My husband actually stepped on it as he was coming in the front door. You should have heard us all BUZZING after that happened!!! LOL

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