What’s up with school starting when there is still 1/3 of the summer left???? When I was a kid (now I sound like my MOTHER) we used to start after Labor Day!!
Anywhoooo….here is a picture of my BABY going to his first day of Kindergarten! (Yes, you did just see posts of our oldest SON getting married 2 weeks ago…..yep, do the math, we have a 21 year age span between our oldest and youngest son! And I always have to add – AND IT’S ALL THE SAME FAMILY! LOL)
Of course, I couldn’t send Brady off to school without something for his teacher! I am a bit OLD FASHIONED, and it is TRADITION with all 3 of our kids to go to school with a nice big juicy apple for the teacher! Here is Brady’s apple, along with a little encouragement note to his teacher and her aide.

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