Most of you know that the annual Stampin’ Up convention happened last week. This is the first year I haven’t been able to go because our youngest son, Brady, started Kindergarten right smack in the middle of convention. It was a no-brainer for me, I wouldn’t give up the first day of Kindergarten for ANYTHING!

Well, Becky Roberts and I have been going back and forth over “to-go-OR not-to-go”…… teasing each other for months now! I kept whining over the fun I was going to miss. I’d see some of her incredible projects she was working on and tell her I was going to homeschool so I could go to convention!! LOL We sure had fun with it. (BTW, check out Becky’s BLOG to see some of her projects!!!)

WELL LOOKY what I saw on Becky’s blog tonight. (Y’all know my friend, Nancy Riley. She couldn’t go to convention this year either…..) Soooooooooo Becky did the next best thing and TOOK both Nancy and I to convention with her!!!

Here we are at Momeno Mall at the convention!!!! I had so much fun I can’t even remember it! LOL

What a HOOT!! Next year I will BE THERE FOR SURE!! This just goes to show you how incredibly CREATIVE Becky is!!