In case you don’t know this about me, I LOVE CANDY CORN ANYTHING! So when I stumbled across a blog that showed how to make candy corn out out of punches, I couldn’t help but show our weSTAMPERS how to make these! I first saw these on Hannah’s blog, which can be found HERE. Hannah’s tutorial shows how to make the larger candy corn. I then tweaked it to make smaller candy corn and have provided the diagram below, and the sizes of punches.

To make the smaller candy corns:First punch out an orange circle with the 1 3/8″ circle punch. Then center your 1 3/4″ circle ontop of the circle you just punches out. This will leave you with a “ring” of orange paper. Glue it to white cardstock (See picture 1.) The reason you don’t just use a 1 3/4″ orange circle in this step is because it will become too thick to punch through at the very end if you keep layering full cardstock pieces ontop of each other. By cutting the ring, it eilimates another layer.
Next, punch out a 1 3/8″ circle out of yellow (I chose Summer Sun) and glue it to the inside of the orange ring. (See Picture 2.)
Last, punch out the center of this with your large star punch. Then nip the points of the stars to form the candy corn! (See Picture 3.)

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