I am so excited, Corinne Sommerville is going to be staying with me this week for Leadership and Regionals! I feel like I am having a celebrity here! LOL You can find Corinne’s blog HERE. She’s an amazing woman who I KNOW has more hours in her day than I do. Must be because she lives in Canada.

This is a little welcome gift I made her, and filled with goodies. It is a “rag purse”. However, this one is different than the ones below because I didn’t wash this one. I will let HER decide if she wants it to look raggy or not. 🙂 I also made a flower pin to decorate the front. It is made with the Big Shot. This pin was first shown at Convention last July. The great thing about putting it on a pin is you can take it off the purse and wear it on your coat or sweater!

The cute little dog you see is our Yorkie, Max. He kept wanting to be in the picture. It’s like he’s saying PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE? LOL I figured since his coloring goes with the purse, he could be in the picture.

I did alter this purse from the video link below. I used a magnetic clip for the closure.

These purses down here are a couple Christmas gifts I made. Like I said, these were made and then washed. The edges fray and you get a more “rag” look.

You can find an awesome step by step video on how to make these purses HERE. This is Angie Kennedy Juda’s blog AGAIN! She is one talented gal!