It’s been an exciting week in the Heiling Household! Our daughter, Brittany, got asked her hand in marriage on Sunday!! We are SO EXCITED! Here are some photos capturing the BIG EVENT! For you romantics out there, read on to hear the proposal!

Brittany and Blake attended a singles retreat last weekend. This was the SAME retreat where they met exactly a year ago! It was held in Williams, AZ, at a camp owned by Young Life.

Since Blake was in charge of putting on the retreat, Brittany knew he would be BUSY during it. Blake told her that he had hand written 100 reasons why he loved Brittany, and he would be sharing these with her throughout the weekend. He had 4 envelopes, each containing a list with 25 reasons, and read them to her throughout the weekend. Brittany thought that was so sweet because, like I said, Blake was so busy making sure the retreat flowed smoothly, that Brittany was impressed that he still found time to make her feel special up there.

On the last day, after the 400+ campers left to go home, there was some clean up work that still needed to be done. Brittany and Blake were sitting in front of the lodge of the camp in a big rocking chair, overlooking the mountains. Blake pulled out the last envelope and proceeded to read the last 25 reasons that he loved Brittany. As he read them to her, they reminisced, laughed and enjoyed talking about all of them. Blake got to number 99, which said, “When we went ring shopping and found that beautiful ring setting”…….then onto number 100…..”The look on your face when I pull out that ring and ask you to marry me.” Blake then proceeded get down on one knee, pull out the ring, and ask Brittany for her hand in marriage!!

Isn’t that a sweet, romantic story??? I LOVE it! The proposal was so special and very thought out. We are so excited for Blake to join our family! What a BLESSING! No more details yet, just basking in the exciting news!

Thanks for letting me share the excitement with you!!!

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