One of the most exciting things at Convention was being included in Becky Robert’s Downline Get Together! I wish you all could meet Becky personally, she is one of the sweetest gals I know! Becky rented a room at the Hilton for the get together. We had YUMMY appetizers, handmade surprises, made NEW FRIENDS, and she gave us some insight and business tips to help us all in our business! PLUS Becky is HILARIOUS, and so entertaining to listen to! What a FUN AFTERNOON! We were BLESSED to be included in this get together. THANKS BECKY!

Here is a photo of Becky and I.

Becky made us all Party Favors, how cute are these! This little box was FULL of surprises!

I also received a cute little cosmetic bag with an altered notebook, fingernail file and gum holder from Becky. I LOVE IT! Even the zipper on the bag has a cute little “Inking Idaho” pull tab. You can see an even better photo of this on Becky’s blog HERE.

This is a photo of my convention gift to Becky. I made similar ones to give to my downline and you can view those again HERE.

Becky invited a few other creative gals to her get together, too. I finally got to meet Connie Collins in person! Connie is such a SWEETHEART! I knew the moment I met her that we would hit it off! Connie has an incredible blog, which can be found HERE. Did you know that Connie was chosen from THOUSANDS of Stampin’ Up demonstrators to be an Artisan Award winner? It doesn’t surprise me, she’s one of THE BEST!

Becky hosted a swap for all of us attending. Here is the card I made. I have WEDDING on my mind because my daughter is getting married in March! The cake stand is 3-D and pops out away from the card and cake. You can’t really see that in this photo.

I did a similar card to this one earlier, which you can view HERE.

Here is my 3-D swap. These little nugget purses have been around awhile. I first saw them on my friend Nancy Riley’s blog HERE. They were FUN and easy to make! There is a little Stampin’ Up logo tag on the side of the purses. By the way, NANCY is an amazing friend! I was in a PANIC before convention because I had SO MANY unfinished projects! Sweet Nancy came over for 10 hours to help me finish up! Between her 10 hours, my 10 hours and another friend (Rachele), we logged over 24 hours getting MANY PROJECTS DONE! THANK GOD for great friends!

Last but not least, Becky had asked us before we got together who we would LOVE to meet! Besides Shelley Gardner, the CEO of Stampin’ Up, these gals were the most requested! Here is Diana Gibbs to the left of Becky, and Jill Hilliard to the right! I’m not kidding, I felt like I was at the Academy Awards meeting these super creative gals!

That’s all for now, folks!

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