Our weSTAMP met this month, and threw a SURPRISE BABY SHOWER for Melissa Sunde! Melissa is expecting her FIRST baby next month. You can probably tell by the colors, it’s a GIRL!

Here is a darling picture of Mama to be! It was also her BIRTHDAY that evening!

Maggie made the table party favors. She made up her own pattern for this! She filled the buggy boxes with PINK candy. CUTE CUTE!

Pam was in charge of decorating. Notice the DARLING clothespins holding the baby girl clothes on the line!

Pam made a BUNCH of these flowers and butterfly dangling decorations (on the back curtain). We had them everywhere in the room! They were BEAUTIFUL!We had quite an assortment of FOOD!! Thanks to Terri, Glenda, Norene, and Kathy for providing FUN FOOD for us! Nancy donated the BEATIFUL roses in the background!

Incase you haven’t noticed, not only is Terri creative at stamping, but she is ALSO creative in the KITCHEN! Her food creations are works of art! Take a look at the butterflies on these cupcakes. They are frosting SHEETS and you can actually take a craft punch and punch out shapes from them! They were SO TASTY, too! GREAT JOB TERRI GUYMON!

Here are some of the weSTAMPERS, concentrating while playing a game.

Michelle was the gal behind this cute little basket, filled with handmade thank you cards that she and many of the weSTAMPERS made. This will help Melissa when the gifts come in and she will have a stash of cards to pull from! Great idea Michelle!

Linda B HANDMADE this baby afghan! We were trying to decide if it was knitted or crocheted. (Linda wasn’t able to make it that night). What a special gift, I KNOW those take a long time to make!

Terri made a scrapbook for Melissa, out of chipboard! The shoes are made of punches, and the paper is VELVET! The word BABY is BLINGED UP to the hilt with GLITTER! CUTE!

This is a shadow box that I made for Melissa. Maggie also got her a shadow box just like this, same size and all! In that box, Melissa can add her baby’s handprints, photos, or anything to it! Besides the many gifts Melissa got, MANY MANY weSTAMPERS donated $ and we got her a gift certificate to Babies R Us!

We ended the evening with our swap. Our theme was to use this photo from Pottery Barn to inspire us!
Here are the swaps!

Nancy’s swap:

Norene’s swap:

Peggy’s swap:

Stephanie’s swap:

Linda R’s swap:

Maggie’s swap:

Michelle’s swap:

Lorri’s swap:

The doorprize was made by Patti!

What a fun evening! Would you like to be a part of weSTAMP! There is only a few days left of the $99 deal going on! Why not purchase your products at a discount? Contact me if you are interested, or visit my Stampin’ Up Demonstrator Workshop to JOIN NOW! Just click HERE.

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