I know you have heard me talk about Terri Guymon before….she is a friend of mine, and one of my downline. She is incredibly creative, and you have probably already seen some of her swaps on my blog from our weSTAMP gatherings!

Terri’s son, Grant, turned 8 last week. He had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Brady was invited. Of course, I showed up early, just so I could see everything she made before all the BOYS came! LOL I also knew I’d want some photos! (I ended up using Terri’s photos, they were much better!)

PS. I had never even SEEN the movie Harry Potter before this birthday party! I KNOW I’m probably the only one on this planet who has never seen it! However, after seeing all of Terri’s creations, and not “getting it”, I just had to see the movie! Terri let me borrow the movie and I watched in the very next evening. After seeing it, I appreciated what she all did EVEN MORE!!

The incredibly talented TERRI GUYMON!! (aka: Martha Stewart)

This is what started the whole thing! Terri found these cute stamps and the creative juices started flowing!

This is the sign that you saw when you came in the front door. Terri and her son, Grant, made this!

When the boys arrived, they each got a tie pinned to their shirts. CUTE CUTE! Here is the rest of the things that were in their goodie bags at the end of the evening.

These “Golden Snitch” cake pops were SO GOOD! They were lemon flavored. Mmmm! The cake pop stand was even made by Terri and her hubby! I posted one earlier that Terri gave me for my birthday. You can view that one HERE. I absolutely love mine, what a fun and unique gift! You just change out the ribbon to make it go with whatever theme you have! These have become a HIT! Terri is taking orders, in case you are interested. You can visit her blog HERE.

Yep, Terri made the cupcakes AND the cake too!

They hired a magician to come and put on a magic show for the kids. Here is Grant floating on thin air!

Even their DOG got in on the FUN!!!

There you have it!! Wasn’t that incredible!!! Terri Guymon, YOU ROCK! Thanks for letting me share on my blog….