I shared with you what went on at our weSTAMP meeting on Monday. (See previous post HERE.) We learned SO MANY great ideas from Danielle on how to get organized. I knew this would take some time for me! I decided to start small and incorporate Danielle’s notebook idea. I could tackle this project!

The first step was to find a notebook small enough to fit in my purse so that I could bring it everywhere with me. I found this one at Target for $3.99. Of course, I had to cuten it up Stampin’ Up style. The reason I like this style notebook is because the cover already had a cute design, and the material is hard plastic. Now I don’t have to worry about DSP fraying or tearing on the edges. The other thing I liked about this notebook was the little corner square. You can change the design in that little box! There is an envelope on the front cover that you just slip your picture in there of whatever you want! You can make this book seasonal!

The “bookmark” was my weSTAMP swap from this month (see previous post). I don’t actually use it as a bookmark. You will see it’s function in a picture below. To make the fabric “Yo Yo” I took a 17″ x 3″ piece of fabric and folded it in half (wrong sides together.) Make a wide gathering stitch on raw edges, then pull to gather it. I overlapped the ends and stitched it shut. Then I glued everything else together!
I’m not kidding, this little notebook has CHANGED MY LIFE ALREADY! If you could see how many scrap pieces of paper I have ALL OVER THE HOUSE with things to remember! You can find them in my purse, in my bathroom, by my computer, and by the phone! They are ALL IN ONE PLACE NOW!
I made some dividers with the Round Tab Punch. You can customize these to fit your needs!Here is a photo of the inside cover. Now you can see how the ribbon holds the calendar in place so I don’t have to tape it in there. I found a COOL website where you can download any calendar, any size! It is found HERE: http://www.printablecalendar.ca/I used the A5 size for this project. I printed it on white cardstock, then cut them apart. Look at all those blank white squares! I WISH! (I did this 2 days ago with only 2 days left in this month). I can easily take this out when I am done with it, or stick it behind the current calendar months. You can also see in the bottom left corner the envelope that holds the picture you see on the front side (pig). This is where you change out your picture.
This is the back cover. I made a pocket by taping cardstock on 3 sides. YOU NEED a pocket! This holds information you may need to complete your tasks inside. You can see my “Big Box” rain check, and other info that is needed. Once again, I can’t say enough how much I LOVE having everything in ONE PLACE!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this! I challenge you to give this a try!

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