One of the highlights of Convention is our Team Meeting at convention! Becky Roberts and I teamed up and had our get together in a banquet room at the Hilton. We had a meeting, great food prepared by chefs in the room right before our eyes, met new friends, and had an OVER THE TOP SWAP!
It’s so fun kicking off Convention with this get together and sets the tone for the week!
This year our team gift were these little bags. Becky’s friend, Jacque, sewed them for us. She did a great job! We added little flower embellishment. 

The “spool” card inside is about the size of a regular card. We also attached a pair of paper snips (one can never have too many snips around!) We also added the scissors charm so you always know which pair is yours! 

Each of the gals received a “Bingo Card” for them to play during convention. There were many tasks on the card. If the gals got a BINGO, they received one of these keychains at the end of convention. This idea was found on Pinterest, by Erika Clark. You can find her blog HERE.

Group Photo

Please note: I don’t normally go around wearing a SASH!! Sweet Becky made this for me for the team meeting because I earned the Incentive Trip to Figi this year. Every time I tried to take it off, someone would come and stop me and said I HAD to wear it. LOL I couldn’t find a photo WITHOUT it on from our together!!

Here is our weSTAMP group that attended convention with a couple awesome sideline friends.

Here’s a photo of Becky and I. Becky has a heart of gold and has helped me so much in my business this year!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you join my team! You can be a part of all this FUN! Won’t you join me at convention next year! I KNOW it’s going to be so awesome because next year is the company’s 25th Anniversary Celebration!

You can join the fun by signing up HERE.
Here is a sneak preview of a little added incentive that will start in August. More details to follow so check back soon!

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