December is a busy month by itself, but throw in a birthday and it really gets crazy busy! Our little Braden turned 9 yesterday!! He had a birthday party this weekend. We gave him a choice between a Disney vacation or a friend birthday party. Guess what he chose! (You don’t see any Disney pictures here to you????) I still can’t believe that!

So, a Minecraft rollerskating birthday party it was!! He even got a Minecraft T-Shirt for his birthday! (Thanks Terri and Grant!)

Here are the treat bags I made for the kids.

The bag is just a lunch bag with the “Steve” image printed on cardstock and taped to the front. The keychain that hangs off of it is for the kid’s backpacks. It is made from Perler beads. The little gum packet (to the left side) might look familiar, we made those Christmas style at our Holiday Extravaganza! I got the idea and pattern from Connie Babbert’s blog HERE. The Hershey’s candy bar is just wrapped in scrapbook paper that has grass on it, and then another Minecraft character taped to the front. The dynamite is a roll of pennies wrapped in red wrapping paper with some twine glued on the end. Last but not least is a candy bag with a “Minecraft Munchies” tag tied to it.

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