IMG_0007 copyIMG_0008 copyIMG_0009 copyHere is one of my favorite projects that I have been making this summer! I figured out how to make the fold from one of the swaps I saw on the Stampin’ Up incentive trip, but I can’t remember the name of the gal from Germany who did this! If you know, please let me know so I can give her credit for this fun fold!

I have made so many of these because once you get the assembly line going, they are quite fast and easy to make! I included instructions below if you want to try these.

If you ever have guests for a weekend, or have an event take place that you snap 6-8 photos, you can easily make one of these books to capture your memories! I had a “Preggo Pamper Party” for my pregnant daughter. We had a fun filled day of pampering and I snapped a few photos. After we were done I put them in this book and wrote some journaling tags that slip out (you can see them in the 2nd photo below). She loved it! Also, these are easy to mail! It only takes 2 stamps.

Click on photo to see the pattern closer.
Mini Scrapbook



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