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Here’s another Stamp Club project! You can join my virtual Stamp Club and receive finished projects like this in the mail! Please visit my Virtual Stamp Club page HERE.
The last night at FC was spent making trees and handmade ornaments for a service project. The trees will be auctioned off and the money donated. Our “Jingle Bells” group worked on ornaments for the tree in the background. Isn’t the tree beautiful?

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 9.40.08 AM



These are the ornaments part of our group made. Wait – or are they earrings? I love to be silly at these events…..


Our last meal together was a turkey dinner. We had white elephant gifts on the table that we could steal from each other. I received cupcake toothpaste which was just fine with me! LOL

Look at this beautiful Christmas table! It went with our Home for the Holidays theme.



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