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Today starts the SALE! Please read previous post HERE for details!

I’m not sure if you knew this about me, but I am a candy corn NUT! I LOVE candy corn and my favorite way to eat them is mixed with salted peanuts. It tastes like a Salted Nut Roll (if you’re from MN) or PayDay (if you’re from AZ). I have so many candy corn decor in my house! Here’s a photo of my latest pedicure, and my flip flops that a friend made me! I love them!

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I love baking and these desserts were a hit this month! The recipe can be found HERE. I tweaked the frosting a bit. I like cream cheese in my frosting, so I added about 1/4 of a block, along with 1 t. of vanilla paste (if you haven’t ever tried this, it is so much better than regular vanilla! It can be found on Amazon HERE.) I use these Witch Feet in everything! I used the retired Top Note die and some popsicle sticks in the legs.

Don’t gross out about the flower! I have a bin of all different colored flowers from the craft store that are ONLY used for baking! They  wash up well with Dawn soap when I am done with them.IMG_9636

This 2nd recipe has a pumpkin spice flavor as well, but with a layer of pudding. The recipe can be found HERE.

I tweaked the frosting a bit. I wanted it to last 2 days so I just used Cool Whip instead of homemade whipped cream. I LOVE that the Cool Whip has CINNAMON in it!! I also skipped the maple syrup in the frosting.

I’ll save you some time, the ONLY place I could find Pumpkin flavored pudding was at Walmart! I checked 5 grocery stores!!


Hope you enjoy!!