I ran out of time to come up with an original Valentine for my sweetie, so PINTEREST to the rescue! Total CASE of Wendy Lee’s card, but changed the colors to make it a little more masculine. You can view her card HERE.

The photo below is from this morning. Dan is such a sweetheart. He has carried on my papa’s tradition, where HE showers the family with Valentine treats for our kids. Mom is off the hook (crazy hard for me because I LOVE making these kinds of things). But I know it was SO SPECIAL that it was my papa’s holiday and he always got the treats for us kids, and Dan has done the same. Our kids have always looked forward to Valentine’s Day morning with their daddy!

As you all know, I love baking,  and I LOVELOVELOVE that 2 of our grandkids enjoy baking as well! Here’s Stella and Eli baking. Here are some Valentine cookies I made. I am still such a beginner, but really want to get this sugar cookie decorating down! It will take me a long time to get better at this! Any hints are welcome!!!

Here’s a photo of Stella, who made a Valentine for her mommy and daddy when they were on a get away trip. She’s a girl after her Grammy’s heart – she loves crafting!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!!