I was inspired by Shelly Godby’s card I saw on Pinterest and finally tracked down her blog and post HERE. I changed it up a bit with some current products (however, the bandaged part of the gingerbread is retired). I made the cookie sheet by scoring twice 1/8″ apart from each other, and then punching with the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch.

The products used are at the bottom of this post.

Here are some more Thailand photos! I’m still a bit jet-lagged!! It was totally worth it, though!

This photo above was taken at the entrance of our resort.
There’s all kinds of creatures there! Some of them (like this one) will make you jump!

One of the trip highlights was the Elephant Sanctuary! Here we are feeding these beautiful animals! There is a big controversy over there with the elephants! Many are being rescued and brought to this safe haven, where they won’t get abused anymore. When they are trained so you can ride them, they are quite abusive to them. We had to watch a video on it, so we would understand why they formed the elephant sanctuary. Many people shed tears while watching the video when you see what they do to the animals!

Here we are with our “elephant poses”. Silly fun!