I got the pleasure of having lunch with sweet Jean Piersanti, one of my team members. Jean is UBER creative, quite famous in the YouTube world, and has a great following! In fact, I told her I wanted her autograph when we met for lunch!!! LOL

Jean’s claim to fame is re-purposing things that are inexpensive, and making fun crafty things out of them! Many of her items she finds at Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Store!

You can find Jean’s blog HERE
Her Facebook Page is Beauty and the Stamper
Her YouTube Page is found HERE

I hope you check it out!

I want to share a funny story with you……bear with me, but I LOVE THIS STORY!

We had a team meeting last month. Our team knows that Jean is popular on YouTube, and that she has a growing audience. One of my other team members (Kimberley) said she was at Dollar Tree and she heard Jean’s voice. She TOTALLY recognized her voice and was rushing from aisle to aisle to say hi to her. She was so excited that Jean was actually at the store when she was, probably shopping for something crafty to feature on her YouTube channel! Kimberley finally found the aisle where Jean’s voice was coming from….HOWEVER…….. it wasn’t actually Jean!!! It was a Dollar Tree customer, who was watching Jean’s YouTube video,  and trying to find the products that Jean was talking about in the video!!! Oh my goodness, we got quite a chuckle out of that! See, Jean is quite well known!

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