December has been filled with HIGHS and LOWS for my family. I apologize for the lack of posts this month….just want to share what’s going on in our little world.

Let’s start with the HIGHS! Sweet little Addison, our 7th grandchild, was born! What a highlight for our family! She’s so adorable and we are so excited to add yet ANOTHER GRANDAUGHTER into our family! What a little blessing!

This is my friend (and downline!), Angie! Angie is truly one of my heroes and inspires me daily. You may have read her story on my FB page. She and I met years ago when our boys were in karate when they were little! Angie got hurt while she was participating in karate (she’s such a go-getter! Instead of just watching our boys practive so many times during the week, she decided to join them and get some excercise while she was there!) FAST FORWARD almost 6 years later and this was the result of that accident. (and seeing countless doctors…..) A little over a week ago, she got her leg amputated above the knee. Her unwavering faith and trust in God during this has carried her! I am SO BLESSED by her story!!!

A terrible accident happened to our dear friend, Terry (2nd to the left in the photo above). He was on a family hike on his birthday last week and had a tragic fall off of Camelback Mountain, resulting in his death. I am STILL in shock – we “do life” with this family! We see them every other week at their house, have dinner together, go on our annual ski vacation each year with them, etc. Please keep my friend in your prayers, and their twin boys who are seniors in high school this year. We are grateful Terry is in heaven now but it’s so difficult to process what has just happened!

I wanted to include the last graphic, which is the GREATEST GIFT OF ALL. So many things in life can change in a heartbeat, but the gift of Christ to us is constant and everlasting! It means so much to me, especially this year, with all that has gone on.

I’m ready to get back in the saddle and start stamping again! Thank you for your mercy on my little “blog-sabbatical” here while we dealt with things that were thrown our way.

Hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! God bless you my friends!

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