Here are the Cozy Craft Retreat Bags that went out to everyone who participated in our Retreat in a Box! They are made with TLC and went so well with our gnome theme this year!

Here is my partner in crime, you wouldn’t believe the HOURS this girl has put in helping me pull this off! She is a gem and means the world to me! There’s NO WAY I could have tackled this without her! Susanna flew in and was at my house for 9 days helping me do more cutting/prepping/stuffing. We had a lot of laughs and fun times while we were working. I love you to pieces Susanna Cunningham!

We ended up making 101 bags/kits! Here they are all ready to go! Hahaha…gotta love my lemon tray in the background amongst Christmas bags. That tray is normally on my kitchen table which was FILLED with other things. LOL

My daughter has a heat press so we were able to do some fabric using that machine. My daughter and her two girls even got put to work! LOL Definitely a family affair!

Here you can see Reese and Stella taking stickers off the back of the fabric so the fabric would adhere to the canvas bags.

Reese took her job so serious! LOL They did a GREAT JOB and loved helping! It took them both about 1 1/2 hours to get all the stickers off!Stella was in charge of snipping the tags off of the bag handle. I purchased these online through Michael’s Craft Store.

Here are all the beards! Purchased this fur online. The trick to cutting out the fur is to cut ONLY the backside where there is fabric and NOT THE ACTUAL FUR!

Here are the bags all lined up!

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