Here are two “pillow gifts” that were included in the Cozy Craft Retreat-in-a-Box. I have a free tutorial for you so you can make these treats, as well! Please see the video link below for instructions on both.

If you’re wondering why these gifts are called “pillow gifts”, that wording is used in the Stampin’ Up world! On the incentive trip, Stampin’ Up places a “pillow gift” on or pillow each night at the end of the day in our rooms. It’s always so much fun to see what is there each night! It’s fun to incorporate things like this into my events to make it special!

This is a “Santa-Tizer” which holds a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer inside. We made our own labels so they would go with the theme of our event. Directions in video below.

This is a Multipurpose Glue holder and Glue, which received! I purchased the glue holders on Etsy HERE.

Here is the video so you can create these projects!

Free PDF for you, too!
Santa Tizer Tutorial
Glue Holder Tutorial

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