Candy Corn Card

I am a candy corn fanatic, especially when it comes to decorating!

If you ordered from me last month, the candy corn card is one of 3 different project kits that you received FREE for ordering from my Stampin’ Up website! Included with the PDF was the pattern to make that card! I was inspired by an adorable candy treat my friend and team member gave me. I already ate all the candy (it was an adorable cellophane bag with a candy corn tag) THANKS KIM!

If you want to be included in October’s Creative U. projects, and receive this month’s projects, please click HERE to read about the program! October orders are due by Oct. 10th. If you order after that, then your order will go towards the next month’s kit.

Here’s a video on how to create the card that we made in September Creative U. Be sure to join us next time!

Here’s a smaller version of the treat Kim gave me, it’s a tiny bag with less candy in. YUM YUM! Have you tried candy corn with peanuts? It tastes like a PayDay or a Salted Nut Roll (if you’re from the midwest).

By the way, did you know where candy corn originated from?

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