Gnome Card Sent to YOU!

Here’s a fun little gnome card! (PS I LOVE GNOMES!) The gnome to the right was created by Ronda from Lola’s Gnomes on FB. Check her out!

I was inspired by a card on Pinterest found HERE. I made the sentiment from my computer, (font is The Skinny Dunn) and the hat was hand cut. The nose is made from a small pom pom. I scored a couple times on the left side of the watercolor paper to add some interest.

Here’s a little background on the gnome beard on the card….. when we lived in Minnesota, I used to country crafts, woodworking, sewing, etc. I even did craft shows! I had a bunch of crafts that used REAL SHEEP WOOL! I went out to a farm, actually chose which sheep wool I wanted, brought it home and cleaned it, and then could use them in my crafts!

Who knew over 20 years later I’d put my stash to work again!

I’d LOVE to make a card for you! Just order from my online store HERE and I’ll make one for you, and send it to you! Please email me after ordering, letting me know you would like the GNOME card! Don’t forget to use the Hostess Code on the right sidebar, please! Thank you!


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