I Scream, You Scream, we ALL SCREAM for ………

We just got back from vacation with our daughter and family. We flew into Bozeman and then the adventure continued to Yellowstone. One thing these sites have in common is ICE CREAM! In Yellowstone City, there was an ice cream store on every corner, not to mention the ones down the streets, too! It was CRAZY!

Oh, the vacation wasn’t all about ice cream, we had a wonderful time visiting all the famous sites, too! That is a beautiful part of the US! But visiting ICE CREAM shops goes down in history on this trip!

This is a card we made at one of my classes – featuring the Ice Cream Swirl stamps and dies. There is a simple 1/2 square on the outside corner to tuck the ice cream cone into. This would make a great Cold Stone gift card holder, too!

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