Denim Jean Card & China Photos

Here are a couple of cards made to look like denim jeans. It’s easy to achieve this look, just take Dapper Denim card stock, and run the actual Dapper Denim ink pad on top of the card stock Follow up with Whisper White Craft ink and voila!

This was our hotel in Beijing, it was beautiful!

Olympic Sports Center where swimming took place.Great Wall of China!

I love my job!!!!

We took a toboggan down the hill, FUN! This is Jeanne Moss and I.

Boat ride at the Royal Palace

Riding the subway and shopping in China! So this is where everything is made! LOL Who remembers Tiger tennis shoes???

Time for some American food, eating at Sizzlers!

Squatty potties are quite common in China, no TP either!

Scorpions anyone? They were still moving on the stick and people were actually eating them!



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