Pregnancy Goodies!

IMG_0334 copy

Here’s a project I made for my sweet daughter in law, who is 3 months pregnant! It was so much fun to make! (Today is her birthday as well!)

I made one of these pregnancy cards years ago. You can read my post HERE plus find the link to Ellen Kemper’s card, which I CASED.

The oven was made using a pattern created by Julie Campbell. You can find the pattern on her blog HERE.

The “bun” was made by rolling up two baby socks. I added a little ruffled ribbon to make it look like frosting in there.

I stuffed some gift cards inside the oven for her birthday so she can shop for maternity or baby things, along with some “pampering items” for being pregnant.

By the way, here’s a photo of the soon to be parents! We are SO EXCITED to have our first grandchild!!!!



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