Team and Demonstrator Event Yesterday!

One of the events I LOVE hosting is my team and demonstrator event called weSTAGE! We had so much fun at this all-day event! There were demonstrations, LOTS of make and takes, treats, catered lunch (by one of my downline, Donna Gagnon!) prizes, swaps, display boards, and lots of laughs as well!

  One of my downline and friend, Kim Sinclair, flew in for this event (PLUS she has family and friends here as well). She did an amazing demonstration using the new Country Club Suite that can be found in the Spring Catalog. This presentation for this suite had PERFECT timing because the Phoenix Open was going on this week here, as well! What a great suite Stampin’ Up came out with, designed for us Arizonians!!! LOL
Kim’s FB page with over the top stamping projects can be found HERE.

These projects were SO MUCH FUN and even the non-golfers enjoyed them because they will be fun to make for the golfers in their life! We were blessed to see all these amazing projects designed by Kim! THANK YOU SO MUCH KIM!

Here is some behind the scenes with the assembly going on!

We love to swap at these events – what a cute display board Becca Matlock made for this event!

The winning swap card was made by Laurie Rigo, isn’t it beautiful! There is a surprise inside with a cute accordian fold out. Over the top! Way to go Laurie!

Check back here again! More photos coming!



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