….And There’s’ MORE!

Here’s a table gift the gals received, it’s a little Stampin’ Up trash bin filled with “white trash” treats inside! Basically you just add the food you like and mix it with vanilla almond bark! The popcorn is Chester’s Puffed Corn (looks like packing peanuts – I teased the gals and said packing peanuts were the mystery item in there LOL)

Here’s a simple card – what you can’t see in the photo is the whole front of the card is spritzed with our new Frost Shimmer Paint. You just put a tad bit in our spritzer bottles, then fill the rest with rubbing alcohol. There is a nice shimmer to the WHOLE CARD!!!!


We had a swap contest for the gals, and here’s the winning card! Isn’t this adorable! Pat Brannin was the winner – she was our “ROYALTY” and got to bask in it with a crown! LOL She used the “eclipse” technique. Such a cute card for Halloween!

Here she is with her prize, the whole kit and caboodle for Santa’s Workshop Cards on page 21 of the holiday catalog! WAY TO GO PAT!!!!!

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