WordPress Training Tutorials – Basic Part 3


You can watch the video in full screen after you start to play it.  Look for a little computer monitor icon in the lower corner of the video player.

Basic Videos – Part 3

I will be adding more basic videos, introducing you to WordPress and showing you around your site…stay tuned!

Approving Comments

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/approving-comments.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Google Analytics

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/google-analytics.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Editing Content on a PAGE (not a POST) such as About Me, Join My Team, etc. etc.

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/edit-page-NOT-post.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Working with Images – Part 1 (explains how to insert an image you have previously uploaded)

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/images-part-1.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Working with Images – Part 2 (explains how to use the Multiple Image File Uploader Tool)

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/images.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Moving Images Around in a Post

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/moving-images.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]


View Basic Videos Part 1

  • Logging In and Touring the Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Bar on Front End of Blog
  • Editing a Post – Opening Post for Editing
  • Editing a Post – Changing Stamp Recipe Formatting and Changing Category
  • Editing a Post – Practicing the Steps a Second Time!
  • Deleting a Post

View Advanced Videos

  • Recategorizing Blog Posts to Match Tags
  • Adding YouTube Video to Blog Post
  • Adding Content to Sidebar (Part 1)
  • Adding Content to Sidebar (Part 2)
  • Tweaking Template Tutorial for Sidebar and Full Page List
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