WordPress Training Tutorials – Basic Part 4


You can watch the video in full screen after you start to play it.  Look for a little computer monitor icon in the lower corner of the video player.

Basic Videos – Part 4

Workaround for Problem with Media Library for Inserting Images

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/workaround-for-media-library-problem.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Uploading a PDF and Making it a Link in a Post or Page

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/inserting-a-pdf.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Replace a PDF or Image with a New Version of the File

[swfobj src="https://confessionsofastampingaddict.com/wp-content/training/upload-new-version-of-pdf-or-image.swf" height="700" width="1000" allowfullscreen="true"]

Table of Contents for Training Videos

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