Fun “behind the scene’s” on the Stampin’ Up website! If you have a catalog, you know what I’m talking about!



Creating a Catalog Cover!

Many people are involved in creating our annual catalog cover–project managers, people from marketing, designers, concept artists, and more. I wish I had a photograph of all of these people in these shots, but I don’t. What I do have are a few shots with the photographer (me) and our model, Tiffany.

Based on some of your comments, most people seem to assume that we hire professional models in our shoots. But the model that we used in this photograph is actually one of our talented product designers named Tiffany B.

Because Tiffany has such a fun and energetic personality, she gets photographed quite a bit in our publications. As a photographer I felt like the best way to celebrate finishing this project was a behind-the-scene shot with the model and photographer.

If you’d like a copy of your own catalog, please let me know! I’d love to send you one! It’s only $5 (for shipping) and you get a $5 off coupon on your next order!

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