Since I’m not creating a lot right now, due to the holiday, I thought I would post some ideas that are already done.
I like to put a big 12×12 scrapbook on my coffee table during the holidays. In the scrapbook, I limit each year to ONE 2-page spread of my Christmas card and letter for that year. It is a fun conversation piece when we have company over during the holidays. They can quickly and easily scan the scrapbook and see what happened during the year through my Christmas letter, and see how we have all changed at a glance at our picture Christmas card. I started this when our oldest son was born, which means I have 25 years of holiday pictures and letters!
These pages are SO FAST because the letter and card take up most of the space!
This picture above is the 2007 2-page spread. Check back again, I will post a few more years. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with 25 years of our family, just a few more years. LOL