Our little Brady turned 5 years old this week!! He had a fun birthday, and as you can see, he is in a HALLOWEEN costume for his December birthday! He wanted a super hero party, so we told him he and his friends could wear super hero costumes.

I wanted to share some hand-made cards that were given to him this week!! I appreciate the time any mom or child takes to make a hand made card!!! Thanks so much, they are BEAUTIFUL!

This one was made by Nancy Riley, who is the infamous blogger over at iSTAMP. You can probably see the RIP in the card…that wasn’t Nancy getting creative, that was from an ANXIOUS 5-year old TEARING into the mail because his name was on the envelope and ripping not only the envelope but the card inside!!! @#$#$^$%^@#%#@ I could have died. LOL

This card was given to Brady from Michelle’s son’s:

This card was from Adriana’s son and daughter:

This card was from Jessica’s son:


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