This is the project that has been hanging over my head the past couple of weeks. I finally finished it today! It has been so much fun to make! This is what I am giving to my sister for Christmas. She is SO HARD to buy for!

This is my “Starbucks” themed Christmas tree. The tree stands about 2 feet tall, and is decorating with Starbucks themed ornaments and garland. Starbucks comes out with a few new ornaments every year. If she doesn’t collect them already, i will have to start the collection for her. They would be cute filled on this tree.

I wanted to simulate a “hugger” like you get at Starbucks for the base, so this is what I came up with. My sweet DH made a pattern for me to go around the bucket. The tag was actually my daugher, Brittany’s idea. It is supposed to look like the side of a Starbucks cup where they check the box according to what you order. I also added coffee beans to fill up the bucket, which you can see below. This Starbucks tree LITERALLY SMELLS like coffee! 🙂

The tree was kind of bare and I couldn’t afford to fill it with Starbucks gift cards and Starbucks ornaments, so I did a couple of them on my own. This is a tiny plastic MINI cup that Starbucks uses to give samples in. The gals laughed at me when I saved it, but I KNEW someday it would come in handy! Voila! I added brown and white krinkle paper shreds to imitate coffee and foam.

This simple ornament is simply brown felt attached to twine. Then I just added the logo to the heart! SIMPLE!

The MOST TIME CONSUMING part of this project was making the coffee bean garland, which you can see in this picture. I tried every different glue in our house to find the one that stuck the best. I glued real coffee beans onto fishing line.

I sure hope my sister likes this! She is such a Starbucks Freak, and I always am giving her Starbucks cards, so I hope this twist to it is fun for her. (I also hope she doesn’t read my blog….LOL I need to write to Starbucks and tell them to come out with some sort of coffee bean garland!

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