This isn’t a stamp-related post, but I am ONE PROUD MAMA who wants to share a video clip that was aired this morning on FOX SPORTS. Our son, Brook, is an Air Force piloe. He is currently deployed in the desert. He had the PRIVILEGE of transporting some of the football newscasters around. They made a trip over there to show their support of the troops for Veterans Day.. Here is a clip of the 3+ hour trip that Brook piloted with the men from FOX SPORTS. There are a few shots of Brook, but the best one is when he is in the right seat of the C-17. He is the pilot who is looking back over his shoulder and has sunglasses on. I KNOW it’s my son because of the chicken pox scar on his cheek!!!! 🙂 It only takes a couple of minutes to watch this….thank you for taking the time. And BROOK I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!