Look at Mario, who is made out of punches!! Terri Guymon (one of my friends AND downline) made this, can you believe it? Mario is a refrigerator magnet, and was included in a birthday thank you card to our son. I have had many requests on what punches Terri used, so she GRACIOUSLY sent me a “recipe”. Here it is!! (Thanks Terri!)Here is Luigi!

Terri’s son turned 7 and she threw an AMAZING birthday party with a Mario theme. I wish you could see the photos of the birthday party! A big semi truck was converted into a GAME TRUCK, and was there for 14 boys to play video games. (Their website is HERE.)

Terri made a mushroom cake and mushroom cupcakes. One of their party favors was a small white box with question marks stamped all over it, with GOLD CHOCOLATE COINS inside. EVERYTHING went with her theme. Here is a photo of her cake. Her cake was even featured on the COOLEST BIRTHDAY CAKE website, which can be found HERE.

This was the most creative little boys birthday party I have EVER SEEN! GREAT JOB TERRI!! Move over Martha Stewart!!!

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