Here are some “Angry Bird” treats made for our son’s 8th birthday party!

I just kind of made my own pattern for the treat bags and glued them onto brightly colored gift bags. (Sorry no pattern uploaded, when I was done, I threw everything away!!!)
I have been making cake pops and thought it would be fun to make oreo cookie pops. I LOVELOVELOVE this cake pop stand that my friend Terri Guymon made! She has a website FILLED with all kinds of shapes and sizes! The great thing about these is you can just change out your ribbon to go with any theme you are using. Also, you can use these stands for things other than cake pops! (Oreo Cookie Pops, cookies on a stick, fruit ka-bobs, etc.She even sells a rectanglar shaped one that will hold a 9×13 cake pan! Check out her blog HERE.

This little Hersheys nugget holder was CASED, and I found this idea on Danee’s blog HERE.

Sling shot from Oriental Trading Company
Keychain from Amazon
This I CASED from Norma HERE.

Hope you enjoyed these!

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