Here’s our kiddos on Hallowen!

First is our oldest son. No, he’s not dressed up for Halloween. He truly is in the military, and SOON will be home from his DEPLOYMENT! I’m SO PROUD of him. He is a pilot in the Air Force and flies a C-17 aircraft. He has such a big heart and I love him SO MUCH! I remember as a kid he would play flight simulator on the video games for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS! Now he teases me and says, “Mom, see all those video-playing days paid off!” LOL


 Since Brook is deployed, and Shannon was probably STUDYING this evening (she is in school right now to become a Physician’s Assistant) – I pulled a photo from last year. Shannon is Brook’s wife. She is such a joy to have in our family. Anyone who is a spouse of a military person, I admire SO MUCH!!!!

Brook & Shannon

Here is our daughter, Brittany, and her husband of 7 months, Blake! So blessed to have them live within 20 minutes of us!! Batman and Robin paid a surprise visit to our house tonight!

Brittany and Blake

Here’s our little Brady – if you aren’t familiar with video games, you may have to google “Steve” on Mindcraft to understand his costume. (You can see a photo of Minecraft HERE.) Dan and Brady had so much fun working on this! All I did was help cut some paper up, and you KNOW I LOVE doing that!


We sure had a fun Halloween this year! Thanks for letting me share my family photos with you!