These past few days I have been so tied up with my sweet little Max! For those of you who follow me on Facebook, and know the story, THANK YOU for your prayers! I am so happy to report that Max is on the mend! He spent all of yesterday in the pet hospital while they tried to figure out what was wrong with him. Turns out he had HGE, and he was bleeding inside!! My poor little sweetie!! We went back today and I was so happy he didn’t have to spend another day there! The meds and new diet are working!!


Here is Brady’s Valentine box and Valentine’s for Thursday. FUNNY STORY – I LOVE making holiday treats for his classmates in school. One year was the iPods (see the post HERE), other years were different candy treats. So this year Brady BEGGED ME to let him BUY the Valentines at the DOLLAR STORE! When he said that, I got “saucer eyes” and stared straight ahead and thought ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? I tried to talk him out of it, but the look in his eyes said he wanted the 99 cent ones. I asked if I could make a treat TO GO ALONG with it, and he was fine with that. SO this is what “we” came up with.

IMG_5145 copyIMG_5143 copy

PS. IF you are still with me to the end here….. one more note about the iPod treats. When I brought them to the kindergarten room, the kids RIPPED INTO THEM right away because they could see the candy hearts inside. The ANAL side of me was thinking, “OH MY GOSH WHAT ARE THEY DOING? DON’T THEY KNOW THESE KINDS OF TREATS ARE JUST TO LOOK AT AND NOT TO EAT????” Can anyone else relate???? LOL Is there really anyone who eats the candy in their handmade crafting projects? I don’t!! LOL I think I have some 7 year old chocolate somewhere in a box in my craft room! LOL

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