Here is a photo from Convention of the demonstrators who earned Founder’s Circle. I was BLESSED to be among them! We got pampered this past weekend in St. George, UT. The BEST part of this weekend was seeing all the friends I have met over the years!   official+photo+2015_o

One special friend is Becky Roberts! 🙂 I always look forward to our time together. Becky is a ROCK STAR at Stampin’ Up and it’s so fun to get to spend quality time with her at this event.

We do a little gift exchange at Founder’s Circle. Because her birthday is around the corner (and there’s NO WAY I could ship this to her without it getting ruined!) I decided to give her birthday gift a little early. Both she and I share a LOVE for coffee, so I couldn’t resist putting together a coffee themed gift.IMG_9128

Here is the gift basket with everything in it. IMG_9203 2

This was the card I made her. Stampin’ Up doesn’t have a coffee cup stamp like this anymore, but that didn’t stop me! You just have to think outside of the box! The new corrugated paper works great for coffee huggers on cards!

IMG_9204 7

The next item was a MINIATURE shopping cart! If you know Becky and follow her blog, you know she has a fettish for shopping carts! LOL Inside I made a paper bag pattern (just found one on the internet and shrunk it down to the size I wanted.) Inside is a wrapped package of Altoids, which you need after drinking coffee so you don’t have coffee breath. LOLIMG_9200IMG_9201The next item was a TEENY TINY coffee cup card. No pattern for this, I just kind of cut it as I went along. It fits inside the Curvy Keepsake Die, which I cut out of a windowsheet. This cup card is about 1 1/2″ tall if I remember right! I put real coffee beans on the bottom to go with the theme.IMG_9199IMG_9194On the inside is a charm that looks like a Starbucks logo that will fit on her Pandora bracelet.


The next item was a couple of sugar cookies I made. I found a Starbucks logo cookie cutter on Etsy HERE. The trick to making these cookies is to use a shortbread type recipe so the dough won’t spread out when you bake it. I tried a  couple recipes and my favorite one was found HERE.IMG_9198The next item was a coffee cup with her name on the logo. I bought these from Groupdealz. I have been watching for these to come back on their site because I want to order more, but no such luck. 🙁 I think you could make this with an ecutter and vinyl if you wanted to. Inside the coffee cup was dark chocolate chocolate with an espresso bean inside. I found the candy at Trader Joe’s.IMG_9197IMG_9196 Hope you enjoyed these!

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