Where do I even begin to recap this past weekend at the 4th Annual Cozy Craft Retreat that took place in Phoenix, AZ! We had a little over 60 attendees – and that is the MAX this place can hold! The event sold out in 2 days! Thank you, ladies, for attending this event! For those of you who ordered kits (which are also sold out), I will have them in the mail to you this week!

I will be sharing photos this week of the projects we created, and next week I will have the PDF available for purchase for those of you who weren’t able to attend or purchase a kit. That way you can recreate the projects if you’d like. The PDF will have many photos and all the dimensions for all 12 of the projects we made. Watch for the PDF that goes on sale next week!

With any event, there’s no way it can get pulled off without HELP! My partner in crime was Susanna Cunningham. This gal has put in countless hours to help me – we have been working on this for months, and I am so thankful that she is always so willing to help me! Especially at crunch time! She lives in IL and was willing to come in early to help me during CRUNCH TIME!

There were MANY worker-bees I am so thankful for! THANK YOU, also, to: Amy Stevens, Becky Costello, Chris Brouwer, Corinne Bethel, Denise Schulte, Janice Clegg, Jeanne Moss, Jennie Portonova, Kim Sinclair, Pat Brannin, Patti Galegher, Sue Parker, and Sue Rehm!!! #couldn’tdoitwithoutyou

Here is the room set up

Each gal got a swag bag, filled with new products. I found the gray swag bags HERE.

Everyone also got a “Totally Tiffany” tote bag (to the left of the gray bag in the photo above). The gals could organize their projects and put them in the tote organizer when they were finished. I personalized the top of them them with glossy black vinyl, cut with my silhouette machine. The Tiffany bags can be found HERE (they are the “Denise” styled tote).

Inside the swag bag, they received full packages of the following products from the NEW holiday catalog, along with 12 make and takes. I will continue sharing the projects on my blog this week!

The name tag on the swag bag was made from a wood piece, with their name on it. After the retreat, they can hang this on their Christmas tree as an ornament!

Here are some more photos behind the scenes:

I also couldn’t do this retreat without the support of my amazing hubby. He is always so willing to help and his creative mind usually can find a faster easier way for me to do things!

Here he is drilling holes in the wood slices (I now know you can purchase these with holes in them already! Shhhhh!!! Don’t tell him! LOL)

Come back and visit for more photos and projects!

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