I have so much to share with you: more Regionals photos, and our weSTAMP swaps! But FIRST! Look what the weSTAMP group planned for our get together, without me knowing!!!

This birthday card (made by PAM!) says it all, and this is how I was treated at the SURPRISE birthday party for moi’! (Isn’t this the cutest card EVER! LOVE the detail on this!)

NO! I didn’t have a baby since my last post….this is sweet Melissa’s new baby TAYLOR! We had a shower for Melissa when she was pregnant, you can read about that HERE. I wanted Taylor in the photo with me!! She’s such a LITTLE PEANUT!

I’m so glad they didn’t put the correct number of candles on the cake, I would have needed a fire extinguisher! This is a DQ ice cream cake, TO DIE FOR!

This group of gals is AMAZING! I am SO BLESSED to have such wonderful friends! THANK YOU weSTAMP!!!!! What an amazing evening! I still can’t believe you got away with this – without me knowing!