I like to downplay my birthday (and I PROMISE I won’t post anymore BIRTHDAY PHOTOS!) but there was too many crafty things going on at THIS party that I just HAD TO POST!

This photo is of my friend Lana and I. Lana is the gal who put this whole suprise birthday party together this past weekend, and BOY WAS I SURPRISED! I have never been more surprised in all my life! THANK YOU LANA and all the other family and friends who contributed!

Wait ’til you see all the crafty things! And notice the color scheme that carried throughout EVERYTHING! The weSTAMP group was a big help to Lana in putting this party together.

In case you didn’t know, I have a bit of a SWEET TOOTH! You will be able to see this after you see the photos of what was all served. This was better than any cruise ship’s midnight buffet!

Nancy Riley made the beautiful invitations. I asked her if her scallop punch still worked after making all these with rows and rows of scallops. LOL I love the layout of this card, and those are my favorite colors!

Here is a part of the dessert bar! Check out the beautiful banner that Linda Rodenberg made! Linda truly is the BANNER QUEEN in our weSTAMP group!

The table was FILLED with sweets! The “candy bar” had yellow/green/brown candies in it, to go with the theme, of course! Cupcakes, cake pops, bundt cakes, WOW!!

Glenda made these CUTE treat bags so you could scoop out some candy and take it home with you! I can see that a lot of time went into these! They are DARLING (and held a LOT of candy! My 7 year old REALLY LIKED THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

There was a choclate fountain, too! Jennie Portonova contributed this tasty treat area. There were lots of yummy dipping choices for the chocolate fountain! What a TREAT! Take a look at the skewers! Pam Wood came up with these. This is yet another great use for the Pennant Punch! SO CUTE! There is an overflowing plate of chocolate chip cookies, made by Patti Galegher!! I have never seen so many at one time!!! Behind the fountain you will see OREO TRUFFLES! Those little gems were made by Peggy Powers. Mmmmmmm, soooo so GOOD!

This was the beverage area. Lana put this together. She served pineapple lime sherbert punch, iced mocha punch, and water. There was also decaf coffee and tea! There were cute tags everywhere to label EVERYTHING!

Terri Guymon is the Cake Pop QUEEN! She also gave me this Cake Pop Stand for my birthday gift! Isn’t it adorable?

These cake pop stands are available for purchase! Terri has a website set up HERE. Here is another style that they have made. The COOL thing about these Cake Pop Stands are that you can swap out the ribbon on them to make it go with whatever occasion you are celebrating!

Here is another one of Terri’s goodies that she made (FUDGE!). AGAIN, coordinating colors, even the FROSTING!

Aren’t these about the CUTEST cupcake toppers you have EVER SEEN???? Kathy Mobley (topiary tops & cupcake holders) and Stephanie Austin (cupcake punched toppers and the cupcakes) made these! The cupcakes were to die for! The link to the Topiary Cake Toppers can be found HERE. Trivia question, guess how many 2 1/2″ circles Kathy cut out? If you guess 480, you were correct! The good thing is, if you use the Stampin’ Up Circles #2 die, you can cut out 10 layers at one time!

There is a famous bundt cake store in AZ called Nothing Bundt Cakes. Seriously some of the best cakes I have ever eaten!! Lana got these delicious cakes for the party!

Like I said, LABELS for everything! Stephanie Austin made all the labels, aren’t they cute?

These gals thought of everything! Michelle Acuna and Melissa Sunde worked on thank you cards for me so I don’t have to hand make any! OF COURSE, the color and CHOCOLATE theme is carried through on these cards as well.

I was so incredibly BLESSED by all the family and friends who had a part in this, and for those who came and helped wish me a happy SURPRISE birthday! And again, a BIG SHOUT OUT to Lana, who coordinated this whole thing. I love all of you so much!

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