Funny how God works the timing of things in life……as you know we lost our sweet little Max this week. Not a day goes by without me shedding a tear or thinking about him a gazillion times a day.

And now we have GRANDBABIES COMING!!!! What a better way to distract us from the loss of Max. Here is a photo of my daughter and daughter in law. Originally they were due on the SAME DAY, but my daughter Brittany is going in today to be induced!IMG_4072

I threw a baby shower for these gals last week. Here is the invitation to the shower.

IMG_0474 copy IMG_0475 copy IMG_0476 copy IMG_0477 copy IMG_0478 copy

The pattern to this invitation can be found on this post HERE.

Here are some photos from the shower.

IMG_4019IMG_3999IMG_3989IMG_4015 IMG_4011IMG_4004 IMG_4010 IMG_4007 IMG_4006 IMG_4026IMG_4005IMG_4031IMG_4030IMG_4029IMG_4020IMG_4075



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