This month for our weSTAMP get together we brought in a guest speaker, Danielle Wurth! Danielle is a professional organizer and has even written a book! You can find her website HERE.

I noticed many of our weSTAMPERS voiced the same problem I have, and that was TRYING TO KEEP our stamping areas in order, and NOT look like a tornado had just ripped through it. Granted, the space DOES get messy when we are creating, but if it tends to stay like that, then we need help! Danielle shared with us many tips to keeping our crafting areas more organized and efficient, WITHOUT having to purchase more containers or furniture! What a BLESSING she was to our group! She even shared tips for other areas in our house that could use some work, too!

We had such a wonderful evening with Danielle, and I’m so thankful to her for coming to speak to our weSTAMPERS!

This is Danielle!
Our group of weSTAMPERS

We also had our swap! The theme was a Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving card or 3-D item.

Maggie’s swap: (There is candy and a battery operated flickering light inside the luminary. She stamped on a window sheet in the hole.)

Kathy’s swap:

Linda B’s swap:

Eileen’s swap: (Tea holder, and below you can see it opened up.)

Melissa’s swap:

Terri’s swap: (This is the house from the Wizard of Oz. House turns on a brad. Each time you turn the house a bit, it reveals a different hidden sign on the floor. CLEVER!)

Karen K’s swap: (Mummy, and she had them all contained in a really cute handmade coffin!)

Linda R’s swap:

Stephanie’s swap:


Michelle’s swap: (Shaving cream technique used for the background, COOL!)


Glenda’s swap: (Background made using a dryer sheet! Tutorial can be found HERE.

Priscilla’s swap:

Dawn’s swap:

Patti’s swap:

Lorri’s swap: (Bookmarks! Idea came from Becky Roberts, who shared these at a recent Regional Conference AND it was also in Stampin’ Success magazine for Stampin’ Up demonstrators this month!) You can also find these in her 12 Days of Christmas 2010 tutorial found HERE.)

Last but not least, this adorable door prize was made by Maggie (She also made the luminary swap) and won by lucky Stephanie (pictured below). The pumpkin has a battery operated flickering tea light inside!

I hope you enjoyed the post today!

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